Let us harness the potential
of geothermal energy

Our projects will enable ecological heating of households and efficient use of green energy in the Slovak industry. In a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

geothermal concessions

We have identified favourable conditions for the development of projects in the districts of Prešov and Žiar nad Hronom based on performed surveys and measurements.

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capacity factor

The capacity factor of geothermal resources is much more efficient compared to other renewables, like solar or wind.

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thermal potential

The volume of energy we will produce will meet the electricity and heat demand of about 150,000 households.

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less CO2 emissions

Compared to energy produced from fossil fuels, only a one hundredth of carbon dioxide is generated by energy production from geothermal sources.

Our vision


Solution for a modern country

Slovakia has abundant sources of geothermal energy, however, it has so far lagged behind in its utilization. PW Energy aims to change this and to contribute to the country's long-term commitment to increase the share of renewables in the energy mix of Slovakia, on its road to carbon neutrality in 2050. We are confident that the valuable energy source hidden beneath the Earth's surface represents a unique opportunity to replace fossil fuels with long-term sustainable alternatives.

The way we harness energy from underground


Geological survey

Takes place in locations with anticipated potential for geothermal energy.



Geothermal well is drilled at the selected site at an average depth of 3.5 kilometres.


Water exploitation

Hot water with a temperature of approximately 135 degrees Celsius reaches the surface from the Earth's crust.


Electricity generation

Geothermal water transfers its heat to a working fluid, which drives the turbine with its pressure and generates electricity.


Secondary heating

Residual heat is used for central heating and heat supply for various industrial applications.

We are a partner of the first geothermal web portal in Slovakia.