Geothermal energy

Energy for more than next 100,000 years

Energy for more than next 100,000 years

It is the oldest form of energy on the planet. The Earth has been producing it since its formation and constantly restores it by the decay of chemical and radioactive elements, and volcanic activity in its bowels.

It is estimated that just in three to five kilometres of Earth's crust enough heat is preserved to cover human energy consumption for at least another 100,000 years. The projected increase in geothermal energy use in the European Union is expected to rise from the current 3 300 MWe to between 6 000 and 10 000 MWe over the next 10 years (EGEC data).

Slovakia´s potential
0 MWt
geothermal potential of the Slovakia

Total estimated thermal energy in all geothermal areas in Slovakia represents a significant potential.

0 °C
thermal gradient

The increase in temperature with depth is higher than the world average. It is a prerequisite for the utilisation of geothermal resources.

promising areas

Research in Slovakia has mapped sites with the occurrence of geothermal energy. So far, more than 150 wells have been drilled.

Slovakia and geothermal energy

In terms of potential use of geothermal energy, Slovakia enjoys significantly favourable opportunities pertaining to hydro-geothermal conditions. This is characterized by a favourable geological composition and a higher-than-average geothermal gradient which represents an increase in temperature with depth, which in our country averages to 38 degrees Celsius per kilometre, while the global average is eight degrees lower. This means that abundant geothermal resources are available closer to the Earth's surface and allow for its easier exploitation in several locations for efficient use in green energy production.

Benefits of geothermal energy

Heat reserves stored in the depths of Earth provide for a clean and renewable energy source.